11 Innovations in Karate by Shojiro Sugiyama

11 Innovations in Karate

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11 Innovations in Karate represents Sugiyama Sensei's life-time work in training and teaching Karate-do: the text is a compilation of many of his shorter works with information concerning his most recent drills and investigations into Ki. It is a culmination of practice, innovation, investigation, and experimentation which, if you study it well, will lead to further refinement in the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of your Karate.

About the Author
Shojiro Sugiyama is known by his colleagues as a maverick. He teaches traditional Karate in a very contemporary way. Even though he teaches traditional Karate, almost every one of his approaches to training are different than traditional methods. His intent is to make Karate easier to comprehend and learn. Unfortunately many Karate instructors use a "Monkey see Monkey do" approach to teaching - Sugiyama doesn't. If a college is a place where one goes to learn how to think then the Sugiyama Dojo (school) is where one goes to teach oneself Karate through thought and reason. Sugiyama encourages questions and debate. His job as teacher is to help his students gain a better understanding of Karate and guide their learning so that they can improve. He believes that eventually every student should become better than the teacher. Similarly, Sugiyama's books reflect his unique approach to Karate. 25 Shoto-Kan Kata was the first book to use three dimensional drawings. His other books also break new ground and continue to develop the art of Karate. He believes that just as the student should surpass the teacher his books will eventually become obsolete (or collector's items) as new books are written. This constant drive toward innovation and development marks Sugiyama as a one of a kind Karate instructor. Shojiro Sugiyama was born in Tokyo in 1929. In 1954, after training in two other styles of Karate, he began studying with the Japan Karate Association (Yotsuya), Japan. In 1963, he was invited to come to Chicago to teach Karate. He continues to teach Karate at his dojo located on the north side of Chicago.


Product Details

RRP: $40

Paperback: 274 pages

Publisher: Shojiro Sugiyama (September 1, 2005)

ISBN: 0966904834

Product Dimensions: 9.9 x 6.8 x 0.7 inches


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