Plan Your Success for 2020 Now!!



The New Year is nearly here already and whilst many are worrying about the Christmas holidays, NOW is the best time to start planning your karate activities for 2020.


You know they say if you think about something & then write it down, you’re already two thirds of the way to successfully completing your task.


So start thinking now. What would you like to achieve by this time next Christmas? If you’re a White belt now, then Green Belt? If you’re a Green Belt, then perhaps Brown Belt & two white stripes? (or 1st Kyu)?


So here goes:-


In addition to your weekly training, you know there are Four opportunities to grade next year, roughly speaking:- Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter or March, June, September & December (SSKA 2020 Calendar).  Grading forms will be available about two weeks before your pre-grading upon assessment.


For higher grades there are Four Black & Brown belt courses – two in Bracknell & two in Swindon.


If you're planning to be an instructor, again there are two FREE Instructor Courses in Swindon.


As soon as you receive the dates for next years gradings & courses, write them down in a diary and then more importantly, keep that diary somewhere prominent on display so that you can look at it every day. The best one I find more convenient to use is the A5 two page to a week type.


Then start thinking about when you are going on summer holidays, school half term dates, special birthday trips & weddings etc.


Keep an eye on the Clubs Website for updates or changes in times & venues for your lessons. Print out & stick up the clubs Quarterly Newsletter on your fridge!


You may find it useful to use & display a whole year planner, this way you won’t suddenly be caught out & miss you're pre-grading as many have this past year.


For beginner students, on average most students can usually get by training once a week. Problems start to arise when they reach Green belt & the syllabus becomes a little more complicated. This is when you seriously need to consider either attending two lessons a week or only grading twice a year in order to keep up.


Homework!! Do you do any? Revising your kata using decent Books or DVDs is a good way & doesn’t take long. If you can imagine stepping through your kata, then you can probably perform it. Read your Syllabus too, the majority of your kihon moves for your next grading is in there. Next time you have trouble getting off to sleep, imagine yourself walking though your kata, each move, strike, kick, stance & punch. See the improvement in your performance the next time you practice it in the dojo.


Injuries: Look after your health. If you find you have a nagging & reoccurring injury go to the doctor & get it seen to, take up a course of physio if necessary or you may end up having to live with it. Please do make sure you bring any medication that you require to lessons & ensure that I am aware of what & where it is kept & if necessary, show me how to administer it?


Keep an eye on the expiry date of your insurance (licence), click here to download a annual licence renewal form.


Finally, if you have any questions about any aspect of your karate, please do contact me, either by text or email at anytime.


May I wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year and every success for 2018.


Thank you.

Osu in Karate-do,


Gary Leyshon

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Updated: Thursday, 05 March 2020