GCSE Short Course Assessment Guide for Shotokan Karate

(you may down load the full guide in PDF format here - starting on page 137 )

Skills, knowledge and understanding

This is based on the knowledge and skill that would be expected from a student with no previous experience in Karate, who trains with a qualified Karate coach for at least two one-hour sessions per week over a three to four month period. Students with previous experience of Karate should demonstrate a commensurately higher skill level throughout the specification content.

Students will be assessed on the quality of the performance of individual skills from:

Kihon a range of basic techniques

Kata formal exercise sequence

Kumite sparring.

The following specification is Shotokan-based. Acceptable styles of Karate are strictly limited to the

Shotokan. No other styles or disciplines will be accepted.

Centres must ensure that students are only taught by qualified coaches of the English Karate Governing Body and/or the Karate Union of Great Britain. Most of the terms used are generic, and will be understood by qualified coaches and assessors.


Stances (Dachi):

Front stance (Zenkutsu-dachi)

Straddle stance (Kiba-dachi)

Back stance (Kokutsu-dachi)

Blocks (Uke):

Rising block (Jodan age-uke)

Inside block (Chudan uchi-uke)

Outside block (Chudan soto-uke)

Downward block (Gedan barai-uke)

Open hand block (Chudan shuto-uke)

Punches (Tsuke) and Strikes (Uchi):

Lunge punch - (Oi-zuki)

Straight punch - (Choku-zuki)

Reverse punch - (Gyaku-zuki)

Back fist strike - (Uraken-uchi)

Kicks (Keri):

Front kick (Mae-geri)

Side thrust kick (Yoko geri-kekomi)

Side snap kick (Yoko geri-keage)


1st Basic Kata - Kata Kihon (or Taikyoku Shodan) and 2nd Basic Kata (Heian Shodan)


3 x Step Sparring (Sanbon kumite)

Students will also be expected to demonstrate, written or verbally, knowledge of:

1)  the rules of dojo etiquette; the dojo code

2) general code of conduct for Karate-ka (practitioner of karate)

3) rules and procedures for Kata and Kumite.

Technique and style

Stance (Dachi)

Front stance Zenkutsu-dachi

Straddle stance Kiba-dachi

Back stance Kokutsu-dachi

Blocks (Uke)

Rising block - Jodan age-uke

Middle level inside block - Chudan uchi-uke

Middle level outside block - Chudan soto-uke

Downward block - Gedan-barai

Open-hand or knife hand block - Shuto-uke

Punches (Tsuki) and Strikes (Uchi)

Lunge punch - Oi-zuki

Straight punch - Choko-zuki

Reverse punch - Gyaku-zuki

Back fist strike - Uraken-uchi

Kicks (Keri)

Front kick - Mae-geri

Side thrust kick - Yoko-geri kekomi

Side snap kick - Yoko-geri keage

Kata (Set forms or paterns)

1st Basic Kata - Kihon kata

2nd Basic Kata - Heian Shodan

Kumite (Sparring)

1x step sparring - Ippon Kumite

3 x step sparring - Sanbon kumite

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Updated: Friday, 29 January 2016