Shotokan Karate Kata

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Please note that you will find slight variations in the moves in the kata below compared to those practiced within the SSKA. This is normal & acceptable. The reason is that the karate-ka on the video clips below practiced under different Karate Masters at different times & therefore from different lineages.

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Kata Kihon - Basic Kata or Taikyoku Shodan



Heian - Peaceful or Tranquility

Heian Shodan


Heian Nidan


Heian Sandan


Heian Yondan


Heian Godan


Tekki - Iron Horse

Tekki Shodan


Tekki Nidan
Tekki Sandan


Bassai - To Storm a Fortress. (dai=major, sho=minor)

Bassai Dai

Bassai Sho


Kanku - Viewing the Sky

Kanku Dai
Kanku Sho


Empi - Flying Swallow



Jion - Named after the Temple Jion-Ji



Jiin - Named after the Saint (Love of Truth)



Jitte - Ten Hands



Hangetsu - Half Moon



Gankaku - Crane on a Rock



Koryu Gankaku or Gankaku Sho (not part of SSKA syllabus)

Chinte - Incredible Hands (Rare Hand or Chinese Hand)



Nijushiho - 24 Steps



Sochin - Preserve Peace or Rooted



Unsu - Hands of a Cloud or Defense of a Cloud



Gojushiho - 54 Steps

Gojushiho Dai
Gojushiho Sho


Wankan - Crown of a King



Meikyo (or Rohai) - Mirror of the Soul or Clear Mirror


Meikyo Nidan & Sandan (not part of SSKA syllabus)


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Updated: Thursday, 20 November 2014