Kyan Chokotu


Kyan Chokotu 喜屋武 朝徳


1870. Shuri, Okinawa

Where Trained



Matsumura Sokon, Maeda Pechin



Kyan Chotoku studied under many teachers in order to learn a wider range of Kata than was normally studied. Karate Sensei usually had three or four Kata of their own style in those early days.

After his apprenticeship was complete, Kyan Chotoku had studied under six of Okinawa's famous Shorin-Ryu maters. He then started to teach his style of the art to others. Kyan Chotoku formed his own Kata 'Ananku', a mixture of Okinawan and Chinese forms.

One of Kyan Sensei's noted students was Shoshin Nagamine Sensei, the Founder of Matsubayashi Ryu Karate

He died of hunger in 1945, due to food being scarce during WWII, he gave all his food to the children as he felt it was his duty to take care of those who could not take care of themselves.

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