SSKA Membership Form


Under normal circumstances, upon request at a lesson, I would give you a membership pack where you may fill out the two membership forms & return them to me for registration. However, you may wish to download your own copies & fill them out in advance? In either event, please hand them to me directly & I will post them to the SSKA, so that I may make a note of your contact details & suit sizes etc.


Download & print (pdf format) an SSKA Membership & Licence Application Pack below;-

Application Form


Once you have completed the two forms, please return them to me, along with your membership & licence fee so that I may process them for you. NB: Do look out to check if there any Special Membership Offers.


Please make your cheque payable to the Southern Shotokan Karate Association or SSKA


Please remember to enter your HEIGHT on the form so that you receive the right sized karate suit.


If you have ANY queries, please feel free to contact me by phone, text or email or click here.


As soon as your forms & payment have been received I will forward them to the SSKA Main Office for processing. Your licence will be returned to you directly in the post in a week or two, your suit will be given to you at one of your lessons as soon as it has been embroidered.


NB: Applications for membership to the SSKA are for applicants who wish to join & train solely at the Caversham (in Reading) SSKA Karate Club

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Prices correct at time of publication.

Updated: Wednesday, 15 January 2020