Asano Shiro


Asano Shiro

Asano Shiro


29 Oct 1939. Shinjuku, Tokyo

Where Trained

Takushoku University.


Nakayama Masatoshi

Current Grade

9th Dan. Oct 2001

Asano Shiro was a student of Nakayama Masatoshi, and in 1957 became the All Japan Universities Champion, retaining the title again in 1958.

Asano Shiro taught in Germany and in England (Liverpool) before moving to Nottingham in 1968.

After being Chief Instructor of the Midlands Karate Group, Asano Shiro was appointed as Chairman and Chief Instructor of Shotokan Karate International (Great Britain) (SKIEF).

By 1978 he was also appointed as Chief Instructor in Europe.

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