In Memory of Mr Barry Burton

In Loving Memory of Mr Barry Burton

Dear Karateka,

It is my very sad duty to inform you that Mr Barry Burton passed away quickly and peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday the 9th March 2005.  He was only 53 years of age.  Barry was diagnosed with bone cancer in the latter part of last year but tragically died of pneumonia. 

Both Barry and his 6-year-old grandson Josh trained with us and achieved 7th Kyu Yellow Belt.  He was very well known and liked by many members in the club during the year or so he was with us.  In his younger days he was famous for his great feats of Power Lifting and achieved the infamous World Guinness Book of Records fame. 

He will be sadly missed, not least because of his friendly, helpful, happy and outgoing nature.  He was like a father figure to some of us, full of generosity and kindness.  His heart was as big as his personality.

His funeral was on Tuesday 22nd March at Englefield Church on the Englefield Estate near Theale (off the A340 Tidmarsh/Pangbourne Road), near jct. 12 of the M4, Reading.  He was buried in the Pangbourne Hill Cemetery.

A wreath was presented from all of the members of Rivermead Karate Club.

It was Barry’s expressed wish that his departure be a celebration of his life and so after the proceedings a wake was held at the Copper Inn in Pangbourne.

He loved flowers.

Oss in Karate-do,

Terry Tozer.

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