Bracknell Kata

This kata was performed as just a little bit of post-grading fun during a Friday lesson on

19th October 2012. The class was split into three groups of mixed grade & ages and then asked to create a small combination of four moves each containing at least:- a block, a strike or counter, a kick or a turn. Later in the lesson, volunteers were asked from each group to teach their combination to the class. Later the three combinations were joined together and performed as a single kata you see below.


  1. Yoi

  2. Step Back age uke, forward oi zuki chudan, mai geri & land shuto uke

  3. turn to rear Yama zuki then mawate shuto uke to front, forward Mawashi geri forward kekomi,

  4. forward Mai geri then land gyaku zuku, mawate gedan barai, forward oi zuki.

  5. Yame

Caversham Kata

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Updated: Tuesday, 23 October 2012