Brown Belt Kata's

As well as the seven kata that are required for you to reach 4th Kyu; Kihon Kata, Heian's 1-5 and Tekki Shodan; the following kata may be also learned anytime before you attain your 1st Dan Black Belt and are termed as "Brown Belt Kata".

Any of the following kata may be used on your 1st Dan exam as your Tokui (favourite) kata.

Bassai-Dai, Kanku-Dai,

Tekki Nidan, Jiin, Jitte, Jion,

Hangetsu, Empi, Chinte.

As with all other kata within Shotokan, please ensure you learn the meaning and bunkai of the kata before you attempt them in any exams.

When you reach 4th kyu make sure you ask for a "Black/Brown Belt Course Attendance card". This is a place where you record the number of B/Brown Belt courses you've attended before and after your Black Belt.

To help you achieve your 1st Kyu and Dan gradings successfully, it is my intention to have a special session where students can spend some extra time honing their techniques in readiness for these gradings. The idea behind this is to assess the student and give them some advice & confidence as they near this crucial stage and often feared part of their career in  karate. I envisage adding an hour to one of the lessons a couple of weeks prior to the gradings.

Click here for a sample of combinations during the Shodan exam & here for some tips on freestyle kumite.

If you would like to become an instructor, now would be a good time to ask & think about attending the FREE instructors course's.

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Last updated on Thursday, 28 October, 2010