SSKA Syllabus

10th Kyu to 5th Dan

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Syllabus contents are as follows;-

1        Foreword and SSKA Contacts

2        10th to 9th Kyu - White to Orange

3        9th to 8th Kyu - Orange to Red

4        8th to 7th Kyu - Red to Yellow

5        7th to 6th Kyu - Yellow to Green

6        6th to 5th Kyu - Green to Purple

7        5th to 4th Kyu - Purple to Purple Stripe

8        4th to 3rd Kyu - Purple Stripe to Brown

9        3rd to 2nd Kyu - Brown to Brown One Stripe

10    2nd to 1st Kyu - Brown One Stripe to Brown Two Stripe

11    1st Kyu to 1st Dan - Brown Two Stripe to Black Belt

12    1st Dan to 2nd Dan

13    2nd Dan to 5th Dan

14    Basic Karate Terminology

15    Web Sites, "The Five "K's" & “ABC” of Karate"

16    SSKA Basic Rules & Etiquette

17    Shotokan Kata - Names & What They Mean

18    & 19 Recommended Karate Books & Videos

20    Subscription rates, Venues & Timings

21   Addendum & Notes & Have You Got? (Useful items)

Updated: Tuesday, 12 October 2010