Caversham Kata (Seiken)

This kata was performed as just a little bit of post-grading fun during a Saturday lesson on

8th March 2008. The class was split into four groups by grade and then asked to create a small combination of four moves containing at least:- a block, a strike or counter, a kick or a turn. Later in the lesson, volunteers were asked from each group to teach their combination to the class. Later the four combinations were joined together and performed as a single kata you see below.

  1. From Yoi

  2. step forward hidari kokutsu dachi land shuto uke

  3. step forward migi age uke in zenkutsu dachi

  4. Step forward hidari oi zuki chudan in zenkutsu dachi

  5. step back migi oi zuki jodan in zenkutsu dachi

  6. step back hidari shuto uke in kokutsu dachi

  7. step forward migi kekomi chudan

  8. land age uke

  9. step across on right foot punch hidari gyaku zuki kiai

  10. step back hidari shuto uke in kokutsu dachi

  11. step across left foot osae uke and nukite

  12. step around to the right 3/4 turn land strike uraken in kiba dachi

  13. turn to left in zenkutsu dachi land age uke (i.e. facing the rear)

  14. step to the left 1/4 turn land zenkutsu dachi hidari heito uke

  15. step forward migi tetsui uke in zenkutsu dachi

  16. hidari kekomi chudan turn to left (facing shomen again)

  17. land gyaku zuki kiai

  18. Yame

Bracknell Kata


NB: Please do let me know if you think I have made a mistake here or missed something out?

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