The Southern Shotokan Karate Association (SSKA) was established in 1987 by Sensei Stuart Cole (7th Dan). As its name implies, the SSKA is concerned with teaching the Shotokan style of Karate. There are currently in excess of 85 SSKA Clubs in the UK, mostly in Southern England.

In addition to weekly club meetings, the SSKA runs a full programme of events throughout the year.

  • There are lessons at which students, who would not otherwise get the opportunity, are able to train with Sensei Cole.
  • There are grading sessions where students who can show Sensei Cole that they are ready for the next grade, will be awarded a certificate and the right to wear the next colour/grade belt.
  • There are separate training and grading events for senior grades and instructors.
  • There are special training events where students will learn specific aspects of self defence e.g. how to defend against knife attacks.
  • There is an annual Summer & Winter Camps at which families can train in a holiday environment.

For the Head Office, contact the Founder, Chief Instructor and Grading Examiner - Sensei Stuart Cole (7th Dan)


To contact the SSKA, either visit;-

Southern Shotokan Karate Association

or email:

or the Association Secretary

Questions regarding Grading or Licences should be emailed to

Please use the following numbers for general SSKA enquiries;-

Stuart Cole 7th Dan - Chief Instructor & Grading Officer: 07557 532 676

Huw Steiner 6th Dan - Senior Instructor: 07713 714 167

Rob Lewis 6th Dan - Senior Instructor: 07872 019 626

Cailey Whitcher 5th Dan - Senior Instructor: 07999 967 388 or

(SSKA Secretary & Licensing Officer - available weekdays after 6pm until 9pm & weekends 10am to 5pm)

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Page Last Updated on: Monday 17 June 2019