Chōjirō Tani


Chōjirō Tani (谷 長治郎)

Chōjirō Tani


1921 Kobe Japan

Where Trained



Miyagi Chojun & Mabuni Kenwa.


11th January 1998

Chōjirō Tani ( Tani Chōjirō, ) is notable for founding the Shukokai style of karate in 1949.

Tani started his formal karate training under the founder of the Goju-ryu style, Miyagi Chojun while a student at the Doshisha University in Kyoto. After a few years, Miyagi Chojun returned to Okinawa and the founder of Shito ryu, Kenwa Mabuni took over the teaching.

Upon graduating from university, Tani began learning Shuri-te and then Shito ryu from Mabuni as well. After many years of training under Mabuni and becoming one of his most senior students, Tani received the certificate of succession from him and became the head of Shito-ryu, enabling him to use the name Tani-ha Shito ryu.

Shukokai (修交会 shūk§kai) is a group of closely related styles of Karate, based on Tani-ha Shito ryu, a branch of Shito ryu developed by Chojiro Tani in the late 1940's. The first dojo where Tani taught his style was opened in Kobe, Japan in 1946 and named Shuko Kai, meaning the "Way for All" Club. Shukokai was designed around the study of body mechanics, and is famed for its 'double hip twist' to maximise the force of its strikes. Due to this, Shukokai is known as one of the hardest-hitting Karate styles.

Shukokai Karate Kata Pinan Terry Pottage's Shito Ryu / Shukokai Karate Volume One [2007]

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