Dear Karateka,

Congratulations to all the winners of the competition I have just held (see below). I received a lot of excellent ideas and am very grateful to everyone who took part. Some prizes have been awarded, the remainder will be given out on Saturday 17th June 2006.

Thank you for taking part and all of your thoughtful help & ideas.

Club Competition!!

With a view to improving your karate training and with your best interests at heart; I am holding a small competition where prizes will be awarded for what I consider to be the best idea for improving any aspect of your Karate Club. Anything from training, times, days, lesson content or style, web site design or other information.

All and any ideas you may offer will be very much appreciated and I hope they will be of benefit to everyone. Even if it is a criticism, I would like to know please.

As a club member, you should have received a newsletter explaining this competition and the prizes on offer, if you haven't, please ask for one.

To win a prize of course I would need to know who sent in the submission. However, you may still enter your ideas anonymously if you wish by going to; and submitting the form (without entering your email address if you wish to remain anonymous). Your idea will then be automatically emailed to me without my knowing who sent it.

I am particularly interested in practical ways to make my web site more interesting, informative and easier to navigate. Perhaps there’s too much information, perhaps some is wrong?

Thank you for your time, I look forward to receiving your ideas - good or bad.


Terry Tozer (2nd Dan. Senior Instructor - SSKA)

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Page Last Updated on: Sunday 10 September 2006