Conflict Management & Risk Reduction Course

(An event hosted by the SSKA)

This course offers comprehensive awareness, advice and strategies to enable you to survive on the streets in a safer and more secure way. It offers valuable tips on your personal security both on the streets, at work & at home.

You will learn how to reduce the risk of being the victim of violence and if faced by such a situation how to manage it effectively.

Karate is a valuable tool to help defend you when attacked. However, there are no winners in a violent situation, itís just the degree by which you lose. Avoiding violence in the first place, or managing it downwards, is the primary objective.

Self-defence is a last resort and provides a window of opportunity to escape. Donít be forced into violence as your first option. 

Do you know how your body reacts to conflict? Do you understand what Ďfearí is and how to use it positively? What physiological reactions is your attacker going through? Can you recognise warning and danger signs in people? Learn all of this and much more.

If you have to defend yourself, what will the law say? How much force can you use? Can you hit out first? If you want to understand the law on self-defence youíll get it on this event. Youíll even get to understand health and safety issues relating to violence in the workplace. 

Your trainer will be an experienced and senior instructor with the SSKA. Variations of this event have been well received from the UK to South America and outside the SSKA cost delegates substantially more. The event will be about two hours in duration and will be a combination of slides, discussion & some basic self defence skills. You donít need to know anything about karate or self-defence to attend. But if you do know these things you will learn new skills.

The event will is open to family; friends and non-SSKA members so Ďinvite a friendí.  This event is also available for private group or company bookings.

Dress will be loose, old but comfortable clothing and soft shoes/trainers. (no jewellery, necklaces or watches).

The typical cost will be about £15 per person, £25 per couple and £30 for a family of three.

If you or your organisation are interested, please contact me with your requests. Approximate costs are about £100 per hour.

Below is a general flavour of what is contained in the average session, which may last anything from a quick introduction of an hour to a fuller appraisal with practical applications & one-on-one practice, lasting as long as four hours or more;-

In the mean time click here for some recommended book titles to keep you going.

Please note: The correct times & prices above will be displayed soon. Thank you for looking and please check back.

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Page Last Updated on: Thursday 28 October 2010