Egami Shigeru


Egami Shigeru

Shigeru Egami


1912, Fukuoka Prefecture

Where Trained

Waseda University. Japan


Funakoshi Gichin


8 Jan 1981

One of Funakoshi Gichin's earliest students, Egami Shigeru became the successor to Gichin after his death in 1957. He continued Funakoshi's goal of changing karate's reputation as a 'deadly martial art', concentrating on gaining inner harmony, with emphasis on the development of a perfect 'Kime'.

Egami Shigeru taught Karate-Do at the Gakushin, Toho and Chuo Universities in Japan. He took part in many martial arts demonstrations, often with Funakoshi Gichin, Funakoshi Yoshitaka and Shimoda Takeshi, throughout Japan.

It is said that Egami Shigeru's health had suffered from the high levels of training he undertook, he died January 8th 1981 of pneumonia a few months after suffering a cerebral embolism.

Look out for his book;-

The Heart of Karate-do by Shigeru Egami

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