Below is an extract of the SSKA rules, by joining the SSKA you have agreed to abide by them. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them. 

  1. Always be punctual, arrive at your club at least TEN minutes before the lesson start.
  2. You must notify your club instructor in good time if you are unable to attend a lesson.
  3. Drinking, eating and smoking are not permitted in the Dojo.
  4. Always bring your membership/grading book and licence with you and ensure it is valid.
  5. Keep your finger and toe nails short and clean.  Long hair should be kept tied back.
  6. In order to grade successfully you must train regularly. Twice a week is the recommended minimum to maintain fitness and suppleness.
  7. All jewellery should be removed prior to training. (this includes body piercing)
  8. Never do anything to bring shame your club or the SSKA.
  9. Female students are permitted to wear a white shirt, sporting crop top or or vest under their Gi.
  10. Make sure your Gi (Karate suit) is clean, pressed and in good condition.
  11. Always bow to instructors on entering and leaving the Dojo.
  12. Address all instructors as "Sensei"

            The final rule...Enjoy Your Karate!

Repeated misbehaviour in the dojo will result in disqualification from the SSKA.

Finally, remember the Dojo creed;-


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Page Last Updated on: Thursday 15 March 2007