Types of Exercise

Aerobic exercise is a long lasting, low intensity activity where the
ability to supply oxygen to the muscles involved in the activity is
greater than the amount demanded by the exercise. Examples of aerobic
exercises are swimming, running, cycling and walking. So exercise is a
strong lifestyle factor, couple this with healthy eating and diet and
you are on to a winner. Aerobic workouts are predominantly used to burn
body fat, fat being used to supply the energy needs. Circuit training is
also aerobic, this is where a combination of exercises are undertaken
with little or no rest.

Anaerobic exercise is short lasting, high intensity activity, where the
demand for oxygen from the exercise  exceeds the oxygen supply. Examples
of anaerobic exercises are sprinting and weight training. Instead  of
fat being utilized to supply the energy needs, glycogen (muscle sugar)
is used.

Anaerobic workouts therefore result in muscle mass gain.

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