Father of Modern Karate

by Willy J. Ortiz


Funakoshi: Father of Modern Karate

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Author: Willy J. Ortiz (Chief Instructor of Finland). Introduction & co-editor - Rod Butler.

Language: English

Published: 2006

ISBN: 952-92-0852-9

Size: 21 x 27 cm.

Pages: 220

Price: £40 (including postage & packaging in the United Kingdom & PayPal Only)

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A book about the life & accomplishments of Gichin Funakoshi Sensei, the father of modern day karate. Its content details the history of one of the strongest & most fascinating fighting styles in the history of martial arts KARATE, since its creation by the Shuri masters to the evolution it went through with its coming to Japan.


Is the karate that we are practicing the one used by the Masters of Shuri Castle? Who designed the Shotokan tiger as the emblem of our style, and why? Was Funakoshi Sensei a ferocious fighter or a humble mannered gentleman? What did Nakayama Sensei learn from his many travels? Who were the first masters created in the famous ‘Hornets nest’?

This book has many pictures, some in full colour, which make this a large & very interesting book for all who study Shotokan Karate, its history & formation.

From the early beginnings in Asia and Okinawa, the life of Funakoshi is studied and followed. There are many upsets & disappointments along the way, but Funakoshi keeps his resolve & introduces Karate to mainland Japan. From Japan, Karate has travelled to just about every corner of the world. Read about & see some of the early karate practitioners including the teachers who taught Funakoshi from an early age.
Chapter 1: Bun - Bu Ryodo
Part One
Chapter 2: Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate
Chapter 3: The creators of Master Funakoshi, Other Okinawan Masters of Tote
Chapter 4: The era of Gichin Funakoshi in Okinawa, The visit of Prince Hirohito to Okinawa
Part Two
Chapter 5: The Dai Nippon Butokukai
Chapter 6: Funakoshi Sensei & his karate in mainland Japan, Funakoshi Sensei's Shorin & Shorei Kata, Funakoshi Sensei introduces kata to Japan
Chapter 7: Funakoshi Sensei - a kind human being, Funakoshi Sensei & his relations with other karate masters.
Chapter 8: Kata - the basis for teaching karate, Funakoshi Sensei's first book, Pictorial of the books of Funakoshi Sensei
Chapter 9: Yoshitaka 'Giko' Funakoshi
Chapter 10: The creation of karate-do
Chapter 11: The formation of the Japan Karate Association, the Exporting of karate to the world
Chapter 12: The growing years & the era of Masatoshi Nakayama Sensei, Masatoshi Nakayama Sensei's pictorial, Calendar of events, Index
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