Grading Syllabus for the Southern Shotokan Karate Association

10th Kyu to 7th Dan

Belt Colour


Japanese Name

Kata/Form & Sequence

10th to 9th Kyu - White  (Jukyu) Kihon Kata (Taikyoku Shodan)

9th to 8th Kyu - Orange  (Kukyu) Heian Shodan
8th to 7th Kyu - Red (Hachikyu) Heian Nidan
7th to 6th Kyu - Yellow  (Shichikyu) Heian Sandan
6th to 5th Kyu - Green  (Rokyu) Heian Yondan
5th to 4th Kyu - Purple  (Gokyu) Heian Godan
4th to 3rd Kyu - Purple + One White Stripe  (Yonkyu) Tekki Shodan
3rd to 2nd Kyu - Brown  (Sankyu) Bassai Dai
2nd to 1st Kyu - Brown One White Stripe  (Nikyu) Bassai Dai
1st Kyu (Brown Two White Stripes) to 1st Dan Black Belt  (Ikkyu) Bassai Dai
1st Dan to 2nd Dan  (Shodan) Bassai Dai
2ndDan to 7th Dan  (Nidan to Godan) Nijushiho sho
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page last updated on Saturday 26 January 2019