Green Belt - 6th Kyu

First of all, Congratulations to you on your achievements so far. You've been training for a year or so now & nearly reached the half way point to your black belt. In my opinion, you have worked through the hardest part of your training & although you may not think so right now, you're through the worst stage. Theoretically, things are easier from here on upwards.
Please check your licence to make sure that it is still in date (you can download a renewal form here)
To reach Shodan from here, all you need to do now are learn & perfect four more kata - Heian Yondan, Godan, Tekki Shodan & Bassai Dai. The kihon combinations you learn at this level are about as difficult or complicated as they will ever get.
So what next?, Just stick in there & don't become complacent by thinking that - "I've done this combination or move a hundred times already so therefore I know it"
If you've been training hard once a week, you seriously need to consider attending twice a week from now otherwise you may stagnate & wonder why you can't achieve anything higher than Brown Belt as many do & then quit.
In my experience, the greatest dropout rate occurs around Green Belt, so please be wary, if you think your training has become monotonous or tedious, then try out another club or instructor in your area for a few lessons. Repetition is necessary so that you internalise your moves & katas so that they become almost automatic, thus making the kata flow better. You may not see or feel the improvement - but you can be sure that your instructor does.
If you are starting to have any doubts about your progression etc, do ask your instructor to explain what is happening & what you need to do in order to reach Shodan.
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Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2011