Harada Mitsusuke


Harada Mitsusuke

Harada Mitsusuke


16 Nov 1928, Manchuria, China

Where Trained

Waseda University. Japan


Funakoshi Gichin, Funakoshi Yoshitaka, Hironishi Genshin

Current Grade

5th Dan

Harada Mitsusuke was trained primarily by Hironishi Genshin, but also had training from Funakoshi Gichin and Yoshitaka, later in 1948 training with Kamata Toshio, Egami Shigeru and Okuyama Tadao.

In 1956 he moved to Sao Paulo in Brazil, where he founded the Karate Do Shotokan Brazileo Organization. It was during his time in Brazil that Harada Mitsusuke received his 5th Dan from Funakoshi Gichin, and like Oshima Tsutomi before him, decided that he would take the Dan level no further.

In 1963 he demonstrated Karate with Oshima Tsutomi in France, The Netherlands and Great Britain where he decided to stay. In 1967 he formed the Karate Do Shotokai (KDS) becoming its first Chief Instructor. He now lives in Cardiff and still teaches occasionally in Great Britain and Europe.

Karate Master Harada  Reminiscences by Master Mitsusuke Harada

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