Karate for Beginners

Three Introductory Lessons in Karate

The individual beginners three lesson introduction cost 15 (40 for a family of 3 or more). This allows you to attend three lessons consecutively at either of our clubs in Caversham (Reading) (see club details for more information). Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the lesson starts to get changed etc.

Be sure to advise the instructor of any medical problems, injuries or physical limitations which should be considered for your own safety and that of the other students and bring your medicine with you.

After your introduction lessons, if you wish to continue your karate training, you will be invited to join.

You may download & view a membership application form here

What's Involved?

Beginners classes run in parallel with the normal classes. After an initial warm-up, the sensei (teacher) will demonstrate a technique to the class who will then partner up & practice that technique. You work with a partner to develop an understanding of the movements.

The introduction will cover:

  • Introduction to Karate: dojo etiquette etc

  • Basic techniques: stances, kicks, blocks, punches & strikes.

  • Kata/forms & Bunkai (interpretation of kata & self-defence applications)

  • Kumite (Sparring with a partner)

What to Wear

You should wear light & loose but reasonably robust clothing, such as a sweat shirt & jogging bottoms. We do not wear footwear in the dojo. If you have a foot complaint, you may wear a medical sock but please be aware that this may cause you to slip.

A karate or judo-gi (the familiar white costumes worn during training) can be purchased later if you decide to continue your karate training.


If you're interested in trying karate then you are welcome to come along & watch a lesson. Even better, give it a try and attend one of our beginners courses by purchasing 3 introductory lessons at a time that suits you.

You may find the following book very useful with details of how to choose a club, a style and an instructor. It also deals with whether your child is suited to this type of martial art & similarly deals with the subjects above in more depth;-

Parents' Guide to Martial Arts Change Your Life With Martial Arts by Linda Davis Kyle

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Last updated on Thursday, 05 March, 2020