Higashionna (Higaonna) Kanryo


Higashionna Kanryo

Higashionna Kanryo


10 Mar 1853 Naha, Okinawa

Where Trained

Fuzhou, China and Okinawa


Seisho Aragaki, Xie Zhonhxiang (Chinese Great Master)



Higashionna Kanryo (also pronounced Higaonna) was taught Monk Fist Boxing by Seisho Arageki, he travelled to China in 1870 and was a student of Xie Zhonhxiang (also known as RuRuKo). Xie was the founder of Whooping Crane Gongfu.

Tode, as a fighting form was used by the upper classes, 'Te' (Hand) was the name known by in Okinawa and had three types, named after the villages used in: Tomari-te, Naha-te and Shuri-te.

Living in Naha Higashionna taught his methods, combined with Naha-te at the Naha Commercial High School. He was a hard task master, yet in his everyday life he was a quiet and humble man. One of his students (and his successor) was Miyagi Chojun, who became the founder of Goju-Ryu.

The History of Karate

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