Name Kushanku 公相君 Kushanku or Kanku Dai Kata
Born 1700's
Where Trained Fuzhou, China
Teachers An unknown Shaolin Monk
Died about 1762
Around 1760, Kushanku, a Chinese envoy, was sent to Okinawa. Some say that he was a Shaolin monk, and others say he learned from a Shaolin monk. Another form of his name is Guan Kui or Guan Gui. Once he was on a boat going to Satsuma, and that it was blown off course during a fierce typhoon, and drifted to shore on Oshima Beach of Shikoku Island. At that time, he gave a martial art demonstration.

One of his most famous students in Naha, in Okinawa was Sakugawa who he trained for about six years.

The book Ohshima-Hikki that contains the account says "with his lapel being seized, Kusankun applied his martial art and overcame the attacker by scissoring his legs."

He is credited with the creation of the “chamber.” He taught all of his students to hold one hand in a fist at the side of the body in what we today call a “chambered position.” From this position, Kusanku taught his students to corkscrew the fist on impact creating more power & a more devastating blow to one's opponent.

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