Leaving the SSKA

Some students come along to try karate, they even join up, they then find, even after only a couple of lessons, that they can't or don't want to continue. There are probably many reasons for this, for example, moving house or job, physical injury or financial difficulties?

More often than not, it does appear as if they "just give up"?

Some take a "small break", especially younger member where they have to concentrate on GCSE's etc.

Whatever the reason, please be aware, that if you are "taking a short break", even for as much as a year, the SSKA insurance runs concurrently. When you return, you will need to renew your licence to cover the time that you were away.

Karate is a long term commitment & may take several years to learn the basics. To achieve any level of success it requires you to train regularly & consistently. If you feel that you can't train more than a couple of times a month, it is possible that karate is not for you?

If, for any reason, that you decide not to train for Eight of "your normal lessons" i.e: four weeks if you train twice a week or eight weeks if once a week, and you have not informed me otherwise, I will assume that you have stopped training completely. This applies to those who "disappear" on extended holidays. If you wish to come back & train again, you will be expected to re-join the SSKA. (see rule 23 of the SSKA Constitution)

If you are one of the fortunate students who accepted my "Special Membership Offer" whereby I paid the 45 SSKA life membership fee, then, on your return, I expect you to pay the 45 back to me to continue.

Should you wish to transfer to another SSKA club, that is fine, but you are required to return the 45 SSKA Membership fee back to me, otherwise your licence will be become invalid & you will not be allowed to grade.

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page last updated on Wednesday 09 July 2014