Matsumura Sokon "Bushi"


Matsumura Sokon "Bushi" 松村 宗棍


1792. Shuri, Okinawa

Where Trained



Masters Sakugawa, Iwah, Ijuin Yashuhiro



'Sokon' is a title of honour, with 'Bushi' meaning warrior.

Matsumura Sokon worked as a bodyguard to three different kings while living in China. On opening his school in Okinawa he became the teacher to Azato and Itosu and on occasions to Funakoshi Gichin.

Around 1830 during his travels in China, Matsumura studied Shaolin Gong-Fu (Kempo or Fist method of fighting), he also learnt some of the most secret methods of fighting, which included a form called the 'White Crane' method. The only person to be taught this way by Matsumura was his son Matsumura Nabi.

Tode, as a fighting form was used by the upper classes, 'Te' (Hand) was the name known by in Okinawa and had three types, named after the villages used in: Tomari-te, Naha-te and Shuri-te. Living in Shuri, Matsumura taught Shuri-te which later he developed into Shorin-Ryu, making Matsumura Sokon the forefather of Shorin-Ryu.

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