Mokuso & Seiza

Mokuso (黙想 mokusō) is a Japanese term for silent meditation, especially when practiced in the traditional Japanese martial arts. Mokuso (pronounced "moh-kso") is performed before beginning a training session in order to "clear one's mind", very similar to the Zen concept of mushin.
Seiza (正座, literally "proper sitting") is the Japanese term for the traditional formal way of sitting in Karate.
From Shizentai (Natural Standing Position - back straight, standing tall with your hands held gently by your sides and your feet together).
Inhale & bend your knees, keeping your back straight, looking forward and squatting down onto the balls of your feet. With your hands held palm down gently on the front of your thighs, Exhale as you lower first your left knee to the floor then your right knee. Move your feet from a position of squatting on the balls of your feet so that you sit on your heels with the tops of your feet on the floor. Your back should remain straight and slightly extended, your chin tucked in with your nose in line with your navel, looking directly forwards and towards a point approx. 45cm infront of your knees.
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page last updated on Tuesday 07 September 2010