Monthly Subscriptions

A Brief explanation of how subscriptions are calculated & rules for payment.
Subscriptions are worked out on a monthly basis averaged out over a 48 week year and I will endeavour to give you this many lessons as a minimum. You may pay by cash, cheque or standing order. Some months have five Wednesdays or Saturdays, but you will still pay the same as a "four week" month. If you train once a week there is a potential to have up to four free lessons a year & if twice a week up to as many as eight free lessons a year!
This way of charging allows students to still go on their holidays & have a certain amount of time with sick days & not loose out financially. This includes half terms etc. The Caversham Club only closes for a couple of weeks over the Christmas/New Year period.
So for example, if you choose to train on a Saturday but are not able to make that lesson and wish to "catch up" by coming to the Wednesday lesson, then you will have to pay for the Wednesday lesson separately & vice versa.
Please give me as much notice as you can if you are unable to attend a lesson. Should I have to cancel a lesson at the last moment due to say a sudden hall closure, or inclement weather, bad traffic etc, then I will try to notify you as soon as possible.
For example: Lessons available in 2019 are: 48 Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.
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Prices correct at time of publication.

Updated: Monday, 30 September 2019