My Top Ten Favourite Titles

Gichin Funakoshi


My Way of Life
by Gichin Funakoshi

Zen iin Martial Arts

Zen in Martial Arts

by Joe Hyams

Shotokan's Secret

Shotokan's Secret:

The Hidden Truth Behind Karate's Fighting Origins

by Bruce D. Clayton

Gursharan Sahota

Shotokan Karate Handbook

by Gursharan Sahota

Gursharan Sahota

Advanced Shotokan Karate

by Gursharan Sahota

Samurai Strategies

Samurai Strategies:

42 Martial Secrets from Musashi's Book of Five Rings (Gorin No Sho)

author Miyamoto Musashi

by Boye De Lafayette Mente

Bushido: The Way of the Samurai


The Way of the Samurai

(Based on the Hagakure)

by Tsunetomo Yamamoto

25 Shoto-kan Kata

25 Shoto-kan Kata

by Shojiro Sugiyama

incl. Kitei Kata

(Jiin Kata is not included)

Unante: The Secrets of Karate by John Sells


The Secrets of Karate

2nd Updated Edition 2000

by John Sells - Rare!

Peter Consterdine


Manual of Personal Security & Self Defence

by Peter Consterdine

Living Karate - The Way to Self Mastery

Katsu Jin Ken

Living Karate:

The Way to Self Mastery

by Masayuki Shimabukuro

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