Just Joined? Not sure what to do or what happens next? Don't worry, please read on......

On joining the TJSKA you will receive the following items in your new members welcome pack;-

PS: You will not receive these items & offers at ANY other SSKA Club!

All you need to do is train as regularly as possible, it's recommended that you train at least twice a week to stand a reasonable chance to pass  you grade comfortably.  Over the next few weeks you will spend some time during your lessons warming up with some physical exercises and some exercises to help with your flexibility.

After this you'll start learning some karate techniques. These are made up of three things, basic kicks, punches and blocks, sparring with a partner and something called a Kata which is a predefined set of choreographed moves.

This is not difficult for the average person so please do not worry about strange new words, terminology or the fear of being spoken to in Japanese.

You will be given a syllabus on joining so that you may plot your progress and a calendar so that you can keep an eye on when gradings are.

There is some very useful and important information contained in your membership application pack & membership book, please be sure to keep them in a safe place and read them.

It may have been some time since you left school and did any homework, but students who use their own initiative and practice at home find the lessons a lot easier as a result which in itself increases their confidence. One way to help you to practice at home is with the use of the clubs recommended books and videos & DVD's

A week or so before your grading (or exam for your first grade) you will need to attend what is known as a pre-grading lesson where you can iron out any last minute problems and brush up on everything you have learnt so far.

At your first Grading, which will be Orange Belt or 9th Kyu, you will be judged upon your skill and knowledge in three areas, they are;-

  • Your Kihon or basic karate moves of strikes, blocks and kicks
  • Your Kumite which is sparring with another partner
  • and your Kata for your grade called Kata Kihon, a sequence of 20 moves with blocks, punches and turns.

The current kyu grading fees are from 43 for juniors (below 16 years of age) and from 45 for seniors (NB: up to & incl. 2nd kyu)

Your First Grading - Information Sheet

Have You Got? (useful items you ought to have)

Karate is NOT really about Kicking & punching!

How to Fold your new Karate Suit (Gi) & tie your Belt (Obi)

There are many books & DVD's on Shotokan karate, below are two that we recommend for our style;-

Gursharan Sahota    The Beginner's Guide to Shotokan Karate upto 4th Kyu Purple Belt by John Van Weenen

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Updated: Friday, 16 February 2024