Club Newsletter 2017

Updated: Tuesday, 14 November 2017

                Dear Karate-ka,

Many students have been disappointed by missing their gradings. To prevent this happening to you & to help plan around your holidays etc. please make a note of the following dates & display this letter somewhere prominent.

A NEW class has started in Caversham on Monday 2nd October 2017


the next Kyu Grading is on Sunday: 26th November 2017


Kyu Grading Form 26th November 2017


Kyu Gradings are held at the Academy Sport, Northumberland Ave, Whitley, Reading, RG2 8DF


Black & Brown Belt courses & Dan Gradings is on Sunday:-


17th December 2017 at the Academy Sport, Northumberland Ave, Whitley, Reading, RG2 8DF 

 NB: Donít forget to take your Black/Brown Course Attendance Card!   


    20th SSKA Summer Camp - Trouville Hotel, Priory, Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5DH 2nd to 4th February 2018 (Course Application Form)

    Karate now recognised as part of AQAJ's GCSE Physical Education qualification.

Club Closures: - Due to Bank & Public Holidays etc. there are No Lessons on the following days/dates;-

Please note: Despite the above closures, the number of available lessons

in 2017 are:- 49 Saturdays, 49 Wednesdays.

(Subscriptions are calculated on a 48 week year)

Oss in Karate-do,


Terry Tozer.

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