Definition of Non-Contact Karate.

When aiming blows to the opponents face or other bony structures, it is not permitted to actually make contact. One must therefore execute an attack with control, so that one can stop the blow just short of the desired mark; therefore distancing yourself correctly from your opponent is essential and must be practised repeatedly.

On other permitted areas of the body such as the diaphragm or stomach, which can be contracted to afford protection, it is permitted to make light contact to the body, but even so, one should not apply excessive force when delivering an attacking technique. No blows are allowed lower than the stomach nor is any contact allowed to the back,  neck back of the head.

There are other forms of karate that naively & boastfully promote the use of Full & Semi-Contact karate, but without proper use of Kime, you may as well buy a punch bag and thrash away at that.

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Updated: Friday, 10 September 2010