In Your Own Words?


I have been asked recently to try and obtain a "few quotes from club members" as to their views about;-

  • Why they joined a karate club?

  • What they wanted to achieve from the training, i.e. Self defence skills, fitness, confidence, learning an ancient Martial Art etc.

  • What they personally get out of training;- i.e. a work stress buster, meeting new friends, peace & calm in this busy & hectic world etc.

The quotes would be used and put up on a page to help those new members making the decision about joining and what they may expect from Karate training.

I would like to thank the person who emailed me anonymously for giving me this great idea!!

Your thoughts & time taken to do this are very gratefully received. Thank you!

Thank you in advance of your replies & help with this research.

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Updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2013