I am deliberately keeping this page brief, as much can be said on the subject.

Karate is not a religion. There is no worship of any object, person or divine being, supernatural or otherwise.

Karate-do, is an ancient way of life that adheres to certain moral codes, truths, practices and traditions. One of the most important one being non-violence, the same ethic that is supported by all main stream religions. When you apply these moral codes to your own way of living, true karate-do ought to enhance your own religious beliefs and practices.

Also, Karate has NOTHING to do with chopping planks of wood or slicing bricks & tiles in half, anyone can do that with a little practice & cunning.

So from an outsiders point of view and at first glance, karate may seem violent and all about fighting, the truth is that self defence or the fighting aspect of karate is the very last thing that is used to save ones life against an aggressor.

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Updated: Friday, 10 September 2010