Picture of Sakugawa's son who bore a very strong resembelnce to his father

"Tode" (Bushi) Satunuku Sakugawa

(first Teacher of Okinawan Karate)

(5th March 1733 17th August 1815)

Born in Shuri, Okinawa.

Many stories tell of Chinese martial artists coming to Okinawa and Okinawan's training in China, the most famous of these being Sakugawa, a student of Kusanku and a resident of the town of Shuri who went to China circa 1724 and returned many years later. Known for his mastery as Karate Sakugawa, he became famous as a teacher and is claimed by many modern systems of Karatedo as a progenitor. From Sakugawa, we inherit the kata Kanku Dai and Sakugawa no Kon and the philosophy of the Dojo Kun.

Sakugawa's student "Bushi" Matsumura served as security agent for the Okinawan royal family until his retirement at Shuri Castle, when he began to conduct Karatedo classes at Shuri. Among his students were Anko Itosu and Chomo Hanashiro.

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