Shito-ryu,  was founded by Kenwa Mabuni.(1887-1952) in 1928.   It was influenced directly by both Naha-te and Shuri-te  (Shorin-ryu and Shorei-ryu).  The name Shito is constructively derived from the combination of the Japanese characters of Mabuni's teachers' names - Yasutsune "Anko" Itosu and Kanryo Higashionna.  Shito-ryu is fast,  but is still powerful and artistic.  Shito-ryu schools use a large number of kata, about fifty, and is characterized by an emphasis on power in the execution of techniques.  Its kata include the same kata as Shotokan-ryu and Goju-ryu,  as well as some artistic Chinese white crane kata such as Nipaipo.  Shito-ryu also practices with Kobudo (weapon arts) and sometimes Iaido (sword arts) as part of the style,  which makes Shito-ryu fairly unique among the modern Karate styles.

A recent descendant of Shito-ryu is the Shukokai branch founded by Chōjirō Tani in 1949 who was a student of Miyagi Chojun and Mabuni Kenwa. Shukokai enhances the traditional styles of karate by blending it with the logical principles behind modern sporting dynamics.

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Updated: Friday, 10 September 2010