Shoshin Nagamine


Shoshin Nagamine

Shoshin Nagamine


Tomari, in Naha City, Okinawa

Where Trained

Shuri City


Taro Shimabuku, Ankichi Arakaki, Chotoku Kyan


1907 - 1997

Shoshin Nagamine was a Japanese author, soldier, police officer and karate master and was the Founder of Matsubayashi Ryu.

The Matsubayashi Ryu (Pine Forest) style of karate was founded by Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine when in 1947 he opened his first dojo. The style derives from the Shuri Te schools of karate developed and handed down by karate legends such as Tode Sakugawa, Sokon “Bushi” Matsumura, Kosaku Matsumura, Itosu Yasutsune, and others. Distinctly Okinawan, Shuri Te was adapted and influenced by the Shaolin Kung Fu system created by Bodhi Darma (Taishi Daruma), and branched off to multiple school of Okinawan karate like Shuri Te, Naha Te, and Tomari Te.

At a young age, O-Sensei Nagamine trained with Shuri Te masters Choki Motubu, Chotoku Kyan, and Ankichi Arakaki, and eventually created his own style of Okinawan karate called Matsubayashi Ryu (Pine forest style), with “Matsu” meaning pine tree and “bayashi” being the Okinawan pronunciation of hayashi for forest. Ryu is taken to mean system, but to Nagamine, it meant river and reflected his philosophy that karate is like a flowing river.

Books by Shoshin Nagamine;-

  Tales of Okinawa's Great Masters The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do

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