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The Small Print


Below are some points I wish you to bear in mind for payment of karate subscriptions. Nothing has changed, but to keep my prices at the 2002 level, I would kindly ask you to note the following. 

On joining, subscriptions are due monthly in advance on the first day of the month.

I calculate the subscriptions over a 48 week year at an average of £4 a lesson. Please bear in mind that in 2017 we have four months where there were five Wednesdays & three months where there were five Saturdays, but your normal monthly subscriptions still remain the same.

So for example, there may only be two lessons available in December when I close the club for Christmas & New Year, but your monthly subscription will remain the same.

Some students take extended summer holidays and go away for a month or two. In order for me to keep your place in the dojo, I still expect you to pay for periods when you are away. I have not raised the subscriptions since 2002! I hope that I can continue to keep them at their current rates. 

Lessons are not transferrable, for example, if you normally train on a Wednesday, but for some reason miss a lesson & wish to “catch up” on your training on a Saturday, then you must pay separately for the Saturday lesson at £4.

Subscription rates are as follows;-

Per Month

Once a week

Twice a week




Family (3+)



The extended half hour lesson on Saturdays for seniors is not a “PAYG” lesson. In order for me to afford to keep this running, I must ask that the fees for this are paid monthly in advance please?

As soon as you discover you may not be able to attend a lesson, please let me know by text or quick phone call.

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Prices correct at time of publication.

Updated: Thursday, 08 December 2016