Stepping Techniques
There are several ways to move forwards or backwards when practicing kihon or kumite.
Below are some of them;-
........from a left front foot forward facing stance;-
Standard step - slide the right foot forward past the left foot.  
Half Step - slide the right foot in half a step behind the left foot then immediately slide the left foot forward half a step.  
Step Over - lift or slide the right foot to just in front of the left foot then slide the left foot forward half a step.  
Staggered Step - drop the stance lower by pushing the left foot forward the length of one foot or so, immediately bring the right foot up behind the left foot, push off the right leg & slide forward on left foot.
Jump Step - lift left foot slightly & immediately push forward with right leg springing forward further in left zenkutsu dachi.
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Updated: Thursday, 14 October 2010