Takuan Sōhō


Takuan Sōhō 沢庵 宗彭



Izushi, Tajima province

Where Taught



Sensei Shun-oku Soen.


1573 - 1645

One of the most famous Zen Buddhist teachers in Japan who taught amongst others great swordsmen like Yagyu Munenori & Miyamoto Musashi.

Takuan Soho was a prelate of the Rin-zai Sect of Zen and well remembered for his strength of character and acerbic wit; and he was also gardener, poet, tea master, prolific author and a pivotal figure in Zen painting and calligraphy. His religious training began at the age of ten. He entered the Rin-zai sect at the age of fourteen and was appointed abbot of the Daitokuji, a major Zen temple in Kyoto, at the age of thirty-five. After a disagreement on ecclesiastical appointments with the se­cond Tokugawa shogun, he was banished in 1629 to a far nor­thern province. Coming under a general amnesty on the death of the shogun, he returned to society three years later to be, among other things, a confidant of the third Tokugawa shogun.

Read Takuan Sōhō's Books;-

   The Unfettered Mind - Writings of the Zan Master to the Sword Master Immovable Wisdom: Zen Teachings of Takuan Soho Soul of the Samurai: Modern Translations of Yagyu Munenori's "The Book of Family Traditions" & Takuan Soho's "Subtlety of Immovable Wisdom" & "Notes of the Peerless Sword"

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