10th to 9th Kyu

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(Basic - Blocks, Kicks & Punches)

Unless stated otherwise all Kihon moves are:
5 steps forward turn and 5 steps forward (3 juniors)
All Zenkutsu-Dachi (front stance) unless stated

Oi-zuki jodan    (lunge punch to the head)
Oi-zuki chudan    (lunge punch to chest area)
Age-uke     (upper rising block)
Soto-uke    (outside block)
Uchi-uke    (inside block)
Gedan- Barai    (downward block)
Shuto-uke in Kokutsu-Dachi - (knife block in back stance)
Mae-Geri chudan from Zenkutsu-Dachi - (front snap kick to chest in front stance)
Mae-Geri jodan from Zenkutsu-Dachi - (front snap kick to head in front stance)
Keage chudan from Kiba-Dachi - (side snap kick to chest in straddle stance)
Keage jodan from Kiba-Dachi - (side snap kick to head in straddle stance)

GOHON KUMITE (Five Step Sparring)

Jodan - Age-uke
Chudan - Soto-uke
Mae-Geri - Gedan-Barai

KATA (Set sequence of moves)

Kata Kihon (or Taikyoku Shodan) click here for sequence

Taikyoku Nidan
Taikyoku Sandan
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