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Unless stated otherwise all Kihon moves are:

5 steps forward and 5 steps backwards or forward again (3 juniors) from Kamae stance (combat stance)

Sanbon zuki

Uchi-uke. Empi, Uraken, gyaku-zuki in zenkutsu-dachi

Soto-uke, kizami-zuki, gyaku-zuki, Gedan-Barai in zenkutsu-dachi

Kizami-zuki (without moving), step forward Oi-Zuki, gyaku-zuki

Step forward Sanbon-zuki, step back age-uke, gyaku-zuki, step forward Mawashi-Geri (or Kekomi) (or ushiro-mawashi-geri), gyaku-zuki (or Oi-Zuki) (x 3 & turn)

Step forward mae-geri chudan - Oi-Zuki jodan -gyaku-zuki chudan,

step back Shuto-uke in Kokutsu-Dachi - Nukite in zenkutsu-dachi,

step forward kekomi (or mawashi-geri or ushiro-mawashi-geri) from back leg - gyaku-zuki (or oi-zuki) (x 3 & turn)

Step forward Mae-Geri chudan, Choku-zuki jodan, gyaku-zuki chudan, step back gyaku-zuki

(or age-uke, gyaku-zuki or Shuto-uke, Nukite), step forward Mawashi-Geri, gyaku-zuki

(or Kekomi, gyaku-zuki or ushiro-mawashi-geri, gyaku-zuki) (x 3 & turn)

Chief Instructor may request other combinations

3 steps forward turn 3 steps forward or backwards:

Shuto-uke, Mawashi-Geri (front leg) both in Kokutsu-Dachi, Nukite in Zenkutsu-Dachi or

Shuto-uke, Kekomi (front leg) both in Kokutsu-Dachi, Nukite in Zenkutsu-Dachi or

Shuto-uke, ushiro-mawashi-geri (front leg) both in Kokutsu-Dachi, Nukite in Zenkutsu-Dachi

3 steps forward turn 3 steps forward:

Mae-Geri (ren-geri), gyaku-zuki chudan

Mae-Geri, Mawashi-Geri (ren-geri), uraken jodan, Gyaku-zuki chudan

Mae-Geri, Kekomi (ren-geri), uraken jodan, Gyaku-zuki chudan

Mae-Geri, ushiro-mawashi-geri (ren-geri), Uraken jodan, gyaku-zuki chudan

Keage in Kiba-Dachi, gyaku-zuki in Zenkutsu-Dachi, Gedan-Barai in Kiba-Dachi


JU IPPON KUMITE (semi freestyle sparing)

Right side and left side attacks

1. Jodan-Age-Uke, Gyaku Zuki

2. Chudan-Step to inside downward palm block, (Osae-uke), Gyaku Zuki

3. Mae Geri-step back reverse Osae- Uke, Kizami Zuki

4. Kekomi-double palm block, Gyaku Zuki

5. Mawashi Geri-step inside palm block Gyaku Zuki

6. Ushiro Geri-step forwards Gedan Barai turn backward Gyaku Zuki jodan


JIYU KUMITE (freestyle sparing)

FEMALE OPTION: Self defence moves against 2 or 4 opponents.



Bassai Dai (Click for video clip)

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