Tips on Training - 2nd Kyu to 1st Dan

Listed below are "just a few" tips that I hope will help you with your preparation for the 1st kyu & 1st Dan examinations.


  • Buy a diary & put the date in it that you plan to take your exam on. Think about what time of year would suit you best to take your text. A July grading may be too hot for some, but just right for others.


  • Make sure you keep the diary up to date & keep your grading date clear of any other events that are likely to get in the way in the days or weeks leading up to it like;- birthday parties, annual holidays & trips, seasonal festivities, sporting events i.e. football - world cup or Wimbledon etc.


  • Make a list of the things you need to prepare for – kata, kumite or kihon combinations & practice on your known week areas. Use your syllabus to remind you.


  • Have you any long term injuries or ailments that need treatment?


  • Have you attended the required number of Black & Brown belt courses for the grade that you’re attempting?


  • Get your friends, family & spouse “on-board” to support you around this crucial time. Are you likely to be called into work, do you need to book leave?


  • Some people like long distance runners go on a special diet before they run, is this option for you?


  • When you attend black/brown belt courses & gradings, take a second fresh dry Gi to change into.


  • Are you able to cram in as many lessons in the month before the grading? Twice a week is a serious recommended minimum for any student. Training under different instructors is useful too.


  • Speak to & train with others who have already passed this grade to see if they can give you any helpful advice.


  • During your exam, think about & focus as much on your Kime, Speed, Control & Respect as much as you do on Kata, Kihon & kumite.

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Updated: Friday, 10 September 2010

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