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Tuite Jitsu. (Joint Manipulation)

Tuite - Tuite (too-ē-teh), “to restrain an opponent by using only the hands”, is the ancient Okinawan art of using wrist, elbow, and arm locks to capture, throw and bring under control an attacker. Tuite is often called “grappling”; however, unlike most other grappling arts, Tuite contains very little ground grappling. Instead, the goal of Tuite is for the practitioner to stay standing and in control while the opponent is brought to the ground and submitted. Tuite is a very dynamic art; its techniques are meant to flow from one technique to another, each setting up the next, in order to submit an opponent. Tuite training is done with partners so that each develops the control and sensitivity necessary to render an attacker helpless but uninjured.

These are techniques hidden in Kata are used to restrain control and/or disable an attacker. All human bodies, regardless of size or strength, have the same weaknesses. Through the application of pressure on various nerves, tendons, joints, and ligaments, the Ryukyu Kempo student is taught to use an attacker's weakness to their own advantage. In a life-threatening situation, a student will be able to stop an attacker effectively, with crippling force if necessary.

Okinawan Karate, The Secret Art of Tuite

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