Under Construction

Although I have been running this site since 1998, like everything else, it is growing and evolving, as is my experience in Karate and in life. There are many pages on this site which are new and likewise are also evolving.

Rather than fill each new page I create with funny little workmen digging the road or "Under Construction" symbols everywhere, I have opted to leave them out and just use a "Page Updated" comment at the bottom of each page.

One point to note is that if you have not set or forced your browser to reload each page when it opens anew, you may be looking at a page that has been updated in the last few hours or days since you last looked at it and therefore you may be reading information that is now already out of date.

To force or enable recently updated pages in your browser to be refreshed, open your browser and go to:- "Tools", "Internet Options", "General Tab", "Browsing History - Settings", "Check for newer versions of stored pages" - tick the "Every time I visit the webpage"

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Updated: Friday, 10 September 2010