Shotokan [Karate] Kata & Kumite Techniques - Volumes I & II

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Check out these two videos featuring British Karate greats such as:-

Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan.

The two videos contain all 27 Kata from the Shotokan canon, different levels of Kumite, Bunkai and some of the instructors favourite sparring techniques. Although filmed in 1985, they still out perform most films on the same subject!

Recognised by all of Britain's major top ranking & long established Shotokan Karate Associations like the SSKA & KUGB

These are Brand New video's bought direct from the publisher and are not copies.

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Shotokan Karate Kata & Kumite Techniques Volume One

Volume One (VHS)

Shotokan Karate Kata & Kumite Techniques Volume Two

Volume Two (VHS)



or buy Both Videos for 30.98p, click below;-

Video Contents;-

Volume I


Kihon, Heian 1-5, Tekki 1-3, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Enpi, Jion, Hengetsu


Gohon (five step), Kihon Ippon (basic one step), Jiyu Ippon (semi-freestyle), Kaishi Ippon (reaction sparring) & Jiyu Kumite (free-style sparring)


Volume II


Bassai Sho, Kanku Sho, Niju-Shiho, Jitte, Jiin, Sochin, Chinte, Wankan,

Rohai (Meikeo), Gankaku, Unsu, Goju-shiho Dai, Goju-shiho Sho.


Also some of the instructors favourite combination techniques are demonstrated.

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Updated: Tuesday, 05 April 2011