Global DVD - Video Standards Chart

Please check the table below & your video machine documentation to see if these videos will play on your machine.

NTSC (National Television System Committee) 525 Lines, 30 Frames per second. Worlds first compatible colour TV. system. Adopted in the United States in 1953, it's the standard for all of North America and many other countries.

PAL/VHS (Phase Alternation Line) 625 Lines, 25 Frames per second. Developed by Telefunken in W. Germany, this system was adopted by several European countries and is widely used throughout the world. Standard used in the United Kingdom.

See the basic guideline list below for your country.

SECAM The third format SECAM (Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire) 625 Lines, 25 Frames per second. The French standard, adopted by Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of the Mid-East in 1967.


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page last updated on Friday 10 September 2010