Yamamoto Tsunetomo


Yamamoto Tsunetomo 山本常朝




Where Taught





June 11 1659 to November 30 1719

Yamamoto Tsunetomo also read Yamamoto Jōchō was a samurai of the Saga Domain in Hizen Province under his lord Nabeshima Mitsushige. For thirty years Yamamoto devoted his life to the service of his lord and clan. When Nabeshima died in 1700, Yamamoto did not choose to follow his master in death in junshi because the master had expressed a dislike of the practice in his life. Instead, Yamamoto followed his lord's wishes and refrained from junshi.

After some disagreements with Nabeshima's successor, Yamamoto renounced the world and retired to a hermitage in the mountains. Late in life (between 1709 and 1716), he narrated many of his thoughts to a fellow samurai, Tsuramoto Tashiro. A lot of these aphorisms were about his lord's father and grandfather Naoshige and about the failing ways of the samurai caste. These commentaries were later turned into the Hagakure (Hidden behind the Leaves).

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   Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai Bushido: The Way of the Samurai

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